Thailand: Bangkok

While reviewing our packed travel itinerary over the course of several weeks, I originally decided to cut out Thailand in order to give us a week to rest in between Malaysia and Japan. Although it was a country we’d always wanted to visit, as time went on and we got older, other travel destinations eclipsed our desire to see Thailand. It seemed like one of those places people explore in their twenties. Wild and crazy nightlife was no longer much of an allure after kids, and I recently had my fill of lounging by the beach. What else was there to Thailand?

As a favor to my cousin SW, I agreed to throw some business to her travel agent friend and squeeze Thailand back into the itinerary so long as we could see Chiang Mai in addition to Bangkok. I was willing to check out Bangkok’s bar scene but was way more interested in Chiang Mai’s nature hiking and cultural sights. What a difference a decade makes! My 25-year-old self definitely would not have recognized my 35-year-old self. Not that I necessarily want to be 25 again. Who squeezes in a vacation to Thailand as an afterthought and as a favor to a travel agent? My 35-year-old baller self.


It turned out that two nights in Bangkok wasn’t enough. I was impressed by the temple complex of Wat Pho and enthralled by the magnificence of the Grand Palace, and disappointed that we didn’t make it to Wat Arun because we took the wrong ferry. After dinner we swung by Soi Cowboy to check out Bangkok’s infamous red light district, where I confirmed that large-breasted Thai women (and men) make my husband uncomfortable. We randomly entered Shark, a go-go bar that showcased 20+ semi-naked girls dancing listlessly on a narrow stage. After a drink and 20 minutes of gazing at thinly veiled nipples and vacant expressions, Tom was ready to get out of there. I know what everyone is thinking — Tom didn’t have fun because he was at a go-go bar with his wife, obviously. Not true. Scantily clad, forlorn-looking exotic dancers just aren’t his thing. He’s into 5’2″ Vietnamese women with disheveled hair and a sassy attitude.

I didn’t get any pictures of our Soi Cowboy experience but other Bangkok pictures can be found here:

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