Disneyland and California Adventure: Our Kids Are So Lucky

To celebrate the girl’s 5th birthday and as sort of a reward/treat/thank you to the kids for tolerating my premature mid-life crises and being in generally good spirits as we shlepped them through Southeast Asia, we got three-day passes to Disneyland and California Adventure. Our kids are so lucky to have us as parents.

Having just come from Vietnam, where it would be a miracle for any public bathroom to have toilet paper, my mom, Tom, and I couldn’t help making comparisons and questioning whether Vietnam would ever be in a position or have the infrastructure, resources and/or wherewithal to accomplish a small fraction of what Disneyland does so well: create a magical fairytale environment that is thoroughly entertaining and pleasing to its guests. Our conclusion, sadly, was no.


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One thought on “Disneyland and California Adventure: Our Kids Are So Lucky”

  1. Emily,

    I have been reading your blogs from the very beginning of your journey when you all slept on a twin “mattress” at your uncles house to this last one of your trip to Disneyland and I want you to know that I truly enjoyed reading everyone of them.

    Sometimes I was amazed that you even stuck it out as long as you did.

    Some favorite blogs were “My Sabatical is Negatively Impacting my Marriage” and “Tom ate Dog.” I just loved the analogy you made with the firewood and then of course, if Tom wants to eat dog…what’s the big secret. I’ll be sure to keep my Dauchsund away from him. But truthfully I imagine when in other countries anyone might try the cuisine.

    Anyway, so sorry I will not be getting any more updates. Glad you got that out of you system though.

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