Siem Reap, Cambodia

I was not at all interested in visiting Cambodia, despite Tom’s repeated attempts to persuade me. The temple complex of Angkor Wat was supposed to be breathtaking but I was more swayed by something I saw on the Food Network about rotting, putrid shellfish sold for consumption in Cambodia. I’m primarily motivated by food when choosing travel destinations, so I was like, “HELLS TO THE NO” to Tom. Then Brian and Ariana expressed an interest in touring Angkor Wat during their trip to Southeast Asia and I was like, “Okay, fine.”

I’m glad I accommodated my friends, if not my husband. We spent two nights in Siem Reap and a day and a half touring Angkor Thom (consisting of Bayon Temple, the terrace of Leper King and the Elephant Terrace), Phnom Bakheng, Prasat Kravan, Pre-Rup, Preah Khan, Ta Phrom, and of course, Angkor Wat. The food lived down to expectations (tasted like bland Thai food to me) but the ancient temples were indeed breathtaking and well worth the trip.

I only included some highlight photos in this post for fear of crashing my blog. The full album can be found here:

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